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I've been writing fanfic online since 1996. My first online fanfic was a Star Trek: Voyager Paris and Kim gen piece. My next piece was a jump into f/m adult writing with Paris/Torres. The het side of the writer in me decided I wanted to be called Fever and so Fever and her P/T writings were born.

In 1997, another alter ego named Sapphire and a slash-writing hobby was born with the completion of my first Star Trek: Voyager Chakotay/Paris piece. Eventually I added another fandom with Highlander: The Series Duncan/Methos, and I've just recently expanded into Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel.

This webpage serves as a bookcover, so to speak, for my fanfiction writings. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading my works as I did in writing them.

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