The Grab Bag


So what's in The Grab Bag?

Lil bit of this -- lil bit of that. You might occasionally see an original piece of fiction written by me pop up here but more often than not what you'll find in the Grab Bag is odd and end fanfiction snippets that I'm not sure I'll ever finish or I may have not yet figured out what kind of story I'll use them for -- basically, scenes I've written that haven't reached the status of Works in Progress. If they suddenly disappear from this page, it means they've achieved WIP status.

If you see something here that you particularly like and have some ideas for how it might fit into a finished story, feel free to let me know. Little nudges never hurt me and sometimes they even result in a finished story. :)

Star Trek: Voyager

Damaged Goods: One of those Pairs is abducted, thought dead, tortured, mastered into becoming a sex slave, discovered to be alive and rescued by Chakotay type of things. Main question in this one is can Tom get past considering himself damaged goods and let Chakotay help him?

Sacrifice: What will Chakotay and Tom have to sacrifice for the ones they love?


Highlander: The Series

The End of the Beginning: I've got one more snippet scene to add to this grouping as soon as I locate it. The idea for this story is based, somewhat, on the premise of the movie City of Angels. Just because someone's dead, don't assume they're going to stay that way. ;)

Preparation: The misadventures of D/M. When in a rush of sexual frenzy, one should still take the time to read the labels and warnings.


Star Trek: Voyager

Bedwarmer: What happens when Tom and B'Elanna visit a matriarchal society where the male's only duty is to be decorative and serve as bedwarmers? The idea for this story was stolen from a professionally published Star Trek: The Original Series novel.


Original Fiction

L'Affaire d'Amour
Rated: NC17
Posted: March 2002

Disclaimer: I'd love to claim I own these boyz but sadly I don't. They're their own men but have agreeably loaned themselves to me temporarily so I could put them in my playground and make 'em do what I want.  My very own boytoys. The characters of Nick Flannery and Vegas Tanner are loosely (no, my boyz are not loose!) based on a couple of real life guys and their online fun personalities. Their names have been changed to protect their lack of innocence *snerk*. In truth, I have nothing but the utmost respect and affection for the two men behind the Flannery and Tanner incarnations. Thank you, Nicky and Vegas, for playing along.

Summary: A "for fun" story. This is the telling of a sexual romp in a private car aboard a train traveling somewhere across Europe.

Author's Notes: I just had this urge. An urge to give two friends a bit of a naughty time and an urge to write a sexual fantasy for them. They agreed to it. One went in with open eyes, having read some of my m/m erotic writings. I'm not sure the other knew what he was getting himself into. But he does now.

Acknowledgments: I have to give credit where credit it due. A lovely friend by the name of Christopher gave me the scenario of a European train ride for this story and encouraged me to give this a shot. Chris also served as technical advisor for this story as he claims to be an aficionado on the subjects of Flannery and Tanner. Flannery and Tanner seem to have some dispute with that. So I will cover my own a** by stating this is a work of fiction.

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