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Man worries too much about living a long time,
when the quality of one's life
ultimately does not depend
on how long one lives,
but on how well one lives.

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What Is
RATED:  PG13 for language and violence
POSTED:  June 14, 2004

SUMMARY:  A 'what if' spin on Methuselah's Gift guaranteed to leave you in a tangled emotional state. If you want to know more, read the warning below, unless you're one of those who likes to read a story as is and take any surprises -- good or bad -- on the fly, which I heartily encourage.


Season:  Season Four -- Methuselah's Gift

Pairings/Characters:  Methos/Alexa. Joe, Duncan and Amanda.

Beta:  MaisieRita -- as always, my appreciative thanks.

Dedication:  Blame Tray for this. She was lovely enough to send me a CD of her fandom music vids from the kindness of her huge fandom heart. I wanted to do something nice in return but as I intimated to Tray, I can't write fic on command -- usually. Anyway, I watched the vids -- I love the vids, Tray! -- and got stuck on the "Should I" vid and wondered if I could write a really, really short fic to go with it. Well, best laid plans and all that. Between all the Reagan funeral furor this week and the anniversary of my father's death a couple of weeks ago, I ended up digging out an old Methos/Alexa idea that's been spinning around in my head for a few years and, bingo!, we hit gold. I can't say it's a fun fic though. It definitely packs an emotional wallop.

Theme Music:  Josh Groban, Josh Groban: Closer, and City of Angels Soundtrack.

Standing Outside the Rain
POSTED:  November 2003

SUMMARY:  Will an object from Methos' past help Duncan and Methos get past the Horsemen revelations to discover a new aspect to their friendship?

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  I ran across a song written by Stevie Nicks called "Outside the Rain" and the feel of that statement fit Duncan and Methos in this story so well that I had to use some version of it for the title. They both need to find a way to step outside of the situations that put their friendship in peril. They need to be able to step away from it and reevaluate the importance of their friendship and how important each is to the other. They need to find acceptance. Rain has a powerful, sometimes hopeful, and pure symbolism. It has the power to wash you clean or the power to drench you. Standing outside the rain is like a reality check. It may enable you to move forward if you can step outside the situation and then look within. Step outside the rain to let go of past hurts. Once you've done that, you'll be free to move on and experience life in a more positive fashion.

HISTORICAL NOTE:  Takes place post "Revelation 6:8" but pre "The Modern Prometheus". Flashbacks take place approximately sixty years after Methos left the Horsemen (approximately 1 BC to 1 AD in my interpretation for this story). Seneca is loosely based on the historical figure.

BENT CANON:  I took the liberty of changing the fireplace setup on Mac's barge to suit me. Just pretend he did some remodeling. Methos finds this fireplace much more to his liking, so who am I to argue? :) Also, I may have bent some historical facts about Greek and Roman life back around 60AD. I did a lot of research; I quizzed a couple of folks. But I'm not a historian so in the end it came down to my own interpretation of what I had read of life back then. If something is glaringly wrong, please let me know, if not for the sake of the story, for my own informational purposes as I discovered in researching this story that Greek and Roman history fascinates me to the point it's taken over the decor in one of my rooms at home.

If Stones Could Sing . . .
POSTED:  October 2002

SUMMARY:  Duncan -- "Methos, rocks don't sing."

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  I don't know what happened. Suddenly Methos was in my head. And he was sounding either happy or drunk. I'm not sure which. I'm not used to him being either. My Methos is usually snarky or full of angst and despair. But he was having so much fun, I had to indulge him. . . .

POSTED:  January 2002

SUMMARY:  Losing a loved one always hurts, no matter how long-lived you are.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Part of this story was written as a snippet back in March 1999. Hadn't a clue where I wanted to go with it until today. What prompted me to finish off the snippet finally? A need to work through the bad news I got on Friday the 25th of January from the vet that my cat Mikey's liver and kidneys are failing and it's basically just a matter of time, and all we can do now is find ways to keep him comfortable until he either naturally slips away or I have to make a decision to put him to sleep if the discomfort becomes too much for him.

Mikey's been with me for nearly 14 years. We lost his brother Vinnie a couple of years ago to kidney failure. But it's especially difficult to accept this time because Mikey was doing just fine health-wise and in kittenish playtime form just three weeks ago. And now he's quickly slipping away. It snuck up on us.

It's difficult, waiting for someone to slip away. You waver between being sad they're leaving and being relieved that their discomfort and pain will soon be at an end. I've been here before -- both with the pets and the humans in my life. Both are difficult. So when you read Fragile I'll have to admit that a lot of what I write Methos as feeling is a whole lot of me coming through at the moment. A form of therapy for me, I guess. And a tribute to how much Mikey and I have bonded in the last 14 years. --January 26, 2002

The Weight of Shadows
POSTED:  July 2001

SUMMARY:  This story takes place shortly after events in Forgive Us Our Trespasses. I've bent canon somewhat to suit my needs -- but only slightly. This story picks up after Duncan has had time to contemplate his own not so untarnished past, giving him a clearer perspective of Methos' own past and who Methos is now. Will Methos be able to answer the age-old question of how do you forgive yourself?

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This story was originally started in November 1998 and inspired by the song True Colors as performed by Phil Collins, although I'm rather partial to the Cyndi Lauper version as well. Second inspiration struck recently in the form of the quote that appears at the beginning of the story. I couldn't get the quote out of my mind and wondered how I could get Methos to say this to Mac. All sorts of serious scenarios and ideas ran through my head. And then the idea of merging it with the True Colors WIP struck and a couple of scenes were added to incorporate the quote into the storyline and give me the name of this story.

Strong Enough
POSTED:  June 2001

SUMMARY:  No character hints for reasons you'll understand once you read the piece. It's a puzzle, slowly coming together . . . the whole picture revealed at the end.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Sometimes when you can't write what you want to write, it's good to just sit down and write whatever comes out, whether it makes sense or not. Surprisingly enough, what came out tonight, amid the gibberish, kind of made sense.

After Hours
POSTED:  March 2000

SUMMARY:  Just a little "Joe observing his immortals" piece.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Had an image I couldn't get rid of -- an image of Methos holding Duncan in a quiet intimate setting. Then good ole Joe took over and told me how he saw it. Thanks to Maisie who gave me a quick beta assist. We still work well together, Maisie. :)

Thou Shalt Not Ignore Methos
POSTED:  June 1999

SUMMARY:  Two guys. Two nude guys. Two nude guys amusing themselves with some provocative teasing. An impish smile on one face. A brilliant heart-stopping smile on the other. A computer. A chair. A sensitive pair of nipples. Who knew all this could be pulled together and made in to an actual fanfic? :::grin:::

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Dedicated to Jaden, who inspires me to keep exploring with the boyz and because I promised you I "wouldn't let you live it down." :::wink:::

Lustful Intent
POSTED:  May 1999

SUMMARY:  Pretty much what the title says.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This short story was written in response to an ABC challenge on DMSG. The first letter of each sentence must follow in the order of the alphabet. Doesn't leave room for much playing but I did my best.

No Escape Clause
POSTED:  October 1998

SUMMARY:  Look at what happens when I have an urge to write and have no time for writing. Sapphire and her Chakotay/Paris and Duncan/Methos muses have a chat.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Real Life has been an absolute drag lately. I'm really hoping after this weekend that things will start looking up again. My Chakotay/Paris and Duncan/Methos muses are getting very impatient. Luckily, our contract has a no escape clause. I can keep 'em locked up as long as I want. Of course, look who we're talking about here. If anyone can find an out in our contract and force me to let them loose to play, these four can.

The Look
POSTED:  September 1998

SUMMARY:  The guys are into some silent pondering in this one.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This story will hopefully eventually turn into a series of short stories under the series name of My Highlander. The first story in the series is The Look. The next story is tentatively titled The Touch; however, it has yet to be written.



The Tease Series:

The Shower
POSTED:  August 1999

SUMMARY:  For some as yet unknown reason, Methos and Duncan end up spending the night at Joe's house, sharing the bed in the spare bedroom. They're only friends at this point -- neither having openly broached the subject of deepening the friendship to something more. They both, MacLeod especially, are still reeling a bit from the impact the resurrected Horsemen had on their friendship.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This is the first story in a series titled The Tease. The second story in this series is The Bedroom and is listed immediately beneath this listing.

The Bedroom
POSTED:  September 1999

SUMMARY: The Bedroom, the second story in The Tease series, will make more sense if you read The Shower first. Looks as if the game's afoot and both the boys are having fun with it. No angst. No pain. Just good, plain old-fashioned fun.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This started out as a "snippet", or rather The Shower started out as a snippet. Never had any intention of making it into a full-blown story.

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