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Rated: NC17
Posted: October 1997

Summary: This story follows the tale of what might take place should Kathryn Janeway and B'Elanna Torres both be killed during an attack on the ship and Chakotay and Tom both lose the women they care about. Will they find solace in one another or will it drive yet another wedge between them?

Author's Notes: My first serious attempt at a lengthy m/m story.

Rated: NC17
Posted: October 1997

Summary: This story follows rumored events in The Year of Hell episode where Chakotay and Paris are both said to have been in a Krenim prison. The events in this story takes place on an alien world where Tom is stricken with a plague and Chakotay begins to face his attraction to Voyager's pilot.

Rated: PG13
Posted: October 1997

Summary: While contemplating a question of why I prefer Tom over Chakotay (pun intended!), I sat down with Chakotay and asked him to tell me what it is about Tom that attracts him so much. And out of the mouth of a certain stoic, solid, gentle, wicked hidden sense of humor, tattooed commander came, "Have you ever noticed how Tom's fingers play the helm like a piano? That touch? He touches me like that. He plays me like a piano . . . ."

Author's Notes: Glossary of musical terms in the order they appear follow this brief interlude for those of you not musically inclined.

A Light in the Dark
Rated: NC17
Posted: November 1997

Summary: This story fills in what happened on Tom's and Chakotay's 28th day of captivity aboard the Krenim ship during the episode Year of Hell. Think Conjugal Visit.

Rated: PG13
Posted: January 1998

Summary: Suffocation can happen in more than one way.

The Hunt
Rated: NC17
Posted: February 1998

Summary: If you had to define Chakotay and Paris as Hunter and Prey, who would be Hunter and who would be Prey? Here's one scenario.

Rated: NC17
Posted: March 1998

Summary: The flames of fire can be ecstasy or deadly. Tom and Chakotay discover both extremes.

Tragedy Warning: Don't read it if you can't stand sorrowful happenings, or if you want to be forewarned, email me and I'll tell you what's going to happen.

Author's Notes: THANKS go to Maisie for her last minute consult on whether a certain erection should be growing, burgeoning or straining. You'll have to read the story to see which I finally decided upon.

First Blush
Rated: NC17
Posted: July 1998

Summary: So which of the boys do you suppose scores First Blush and what's the score going to be by the end of their little saga?

Author's Notes: This one falls under the category of "CPSG First Anniversary Celebration." Happy Anniversary, fellow CPSGers!

Healing Touch
Rated: NC17
Posted: August 1998

Summary: B'Elanna breaks a trust with Tom when she withholds Admiral Paris' message to his son. His relationship with B'Elanna severed, Tom is further overwhelmed by feelings of defeat after viewing his father's message and retreats behind a wall of indifference. Will someone have the healing touch he needs to feel to love again? (Based on the concept of the Voyagers getting letters from home in the episode Hunters.)

Author's Notes: This one is dedicated to Maisie. We got carried away one night in working through a scenario where B'Elanna withheld Tom's message from home and Chakotay stepped in to pick up the pieces. When I asked Maisie if this was a "fanfic consult", her response was:  "So write it! I'm not going to!" <sigh> It did get me out of the doldrums where I was stuck unable to hear Tom's voice at all. Now the guy's talking a mile a minute and giving me these wounded looks and Chakotay's got this idea in his head that he can help. So here I am with Healing Touch. Enjoy!

No Escape Clause
Rated: PG13
Posted: October 1998

Summary: Look at what happens when I have an urge to write and have no time for writing. Sapphire and her Chakotay/Paris and Duncan/Methos muses have a chat.

Author's Notes: Real Life has been an absolute drag lately. I'm really hoping after this weekend that things will start looking up again. My Chakotay/Paris and Duncan/Methos muses are getting very impatient. Luckily, our contract has a no escape clause. I can keep 'em locked up as long as I want. Of course, look who we're talking about here. If anyone can find an out in our contract and force me to let them loose to play, these four can.

Out of the Ruins
Rated: NC17
Posted: November 1998

Summary: Why is it that sorry seems to be one of the hardest words to say when it's one of the most healing words in our language? Chakotay and Tom discover the power of that oneword.

Author's Notes: Well, I know I was supposed to write that Duncan/Methos story next but on the commute home one night I heard this song on the radio and, well, the rest is history. This story did not come out as originally intended. It was started in May of 1998. I got stuck; I got confused; I finally stored it away to be pulled out when I got unconfused. The original premise of this story was an unhappy one with an unhappy ending and a bit of Tom Torture. The song Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word changed all that when I realized most of what I had written for the original premise of this story would work well with the theme of that song. And Tom and Chakotay are happy. I didn't kill one of them off like I so recently promised to do when they were harassing me to get back to writing. I did put them through a bit of agony here though and feel ever so much better about having found my ceepee again, even if the ending of this story kind of snuck up on me. Apologies if I've misused any of the French, Spanish, Klingon and Romulan words/phrases that appear in this story. Enjoy!

A Lessening of Enmities
Rated: PG
Posted: October 1999

Summary: A "C and P" snippet. No plans of it becoming C/P. This AU assumes that Janeway and Tuvok never made it off the Caretaker array and that Chakotay is the one in charge of Voyager.

Author's Notes: If the premise of this snippet sounds familiar, it should. I've borrowed the characters from MaisieRita's Enmity Mine (with her permission, of course) and plopped them into my own scenario. Not only because I absolutely adored Enmity Mine, but because I am wicked and this is an attempt to get Maisie interested in writing a sequel to Enmity Mine. I happen to know that a sequel was started way back when. I've had some encouragement to take my scenario here and run with it. Unless we can manage to fit this into Maisie's sequel, and Maisie gives permission, I just might follow this up with more story at some future date.

Rated: PG
Posted: May 2001

Summary: I wondered what a Season One/Season Two vintage Chakotay, who's still harboring some antipathy toward Tom Paris, might do if he suddenly found himself with a five-year-old Tom Paris to care for. What's a guy to do when an innocent, but precocious, five-year-old starts calling you Koty, and thinks you're the best thing since ice cream was discovered, lands in your care, expecting you to be the adult and take care of him? Will Chakotay be able to put aside his dislike of the adult Tom Paris to care for the young and impressionable Tommy? Read on to see if Koty rises to the challenge.

Author's Notes: The telling of Tommy and all the repercussions of this tale is far from over but the first installment is definitely finished. The second installment, working title Tommy2 until something better comes along, has been started but I keep finding myself getting sidetracked. All I can say is patience is a virtue that shall be rewarded.

I hope you have and will continue to enjoy my tale of Tommy and find him as endearingly cute as I do. Special thanks go to Maisie and Starmei, who continue to urge me to keep on with my writing and provide me with wonderful Chakotay/Paris and Duncan/Methos "what if" moments of conversation that get me going off on these tangents that flesh out works in progress or sometimes lead to whole new story ideas.

Did You Get the Memo?
Rated PG
Posted May 2002

Summary: The boyz must have missed the memo.

Author's Notes: A tagless snippet I couldn't quite decide what to do with and I'm still not sure. After fluffing it up a bit, I've decided this is all it's ever going to be -- a short tagless snippet I wrote quickly one day when my sense of humor decided to see what it could do with a clueless Chakotay and Paris.

Sea Horses, Seaweed and Tea
Rated G
Posted April 30, 2003

Summary: Tom. Chakotay. A tea ceremony. That's all I'm gonna say about it. ;)

Author's Notes: Beware telling MaisieRita to start something. She randomly chose the following words out of the dictionary and challenged me to write something that used all the words sensibly:  Tom--orange, fake, tea / Chakotay--poltroon, sea horse, blackguard. Thank god she threw out fallopian tubes. And don't think I didn't return the favor and that she doesn't haven't six words of her own for Tom and Chak to use. <g>



Works in Progress

The Dating Game
Rating: NC17
Latest Posting: January 10, 2002

Summary: Noelle posted a challenge to CPSG -- Start a story with the following as a first line:  "I remember being surprised when he asked me out." And what started out as a short trilogy has surpassed that. Evidently, somewhere along the way, I forgot how to count.

Rating: PG13
Latest Posting: February 14, 2002

Summary: Followup to Tommy. What direction will Chakotay and Tom Paris' relationship go in following the events in Tommy?

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